About CCM

Country Coordinating Mechanism  is a key element of the Global Fund’s adherence to the principles of local responsibility and decision-making with wide participation of the stakeholders.CCM is a consultative advisory body under the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan which was established to ensure coordination and optimization of activities of the central and local executive bodies, international and local non-profit organizations, including religious and educational organizations, mass media and other legal entities, irrespective of theirtype of ownership, participating in the measures to control HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis.

Four main principles lie in the CCM’s foundation.

СCM adheres to the principles of wide participation of all stakeholders, democratic decision-making, complete transparency, joint partnership and efficient activity.
• Country responsibility: the Global Fund does not have representative offices in any country. Countries perform mobilization of resources themselve sand ensure their efficient use through CCM.
• Multilateral platform for government - owned Partnership (use of cooperate intellectual capacity at country level);
• Reliance on existing structures, if available;
• Effectiveness and Accountability.


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