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CCM Structure

CCM members include representatives of governmental and non-governmental sectors:
1. from governmental sector – central and local executive bodies involved in the control of HIV/AIDS infections and tuberculosis, specialized higher education establishments and other stakeholders which are state-owned entities;
2. from the non-governmental sector – various stakeholders:
  • associations, funds, and organizations representing interests of women, youth, minorities, vulnerable groups, including organizations and associations of people who are living with or have suffered from HIV/AIDS and/or TB;
  • religious organizations,
  • professional and academic associations and unions;
  • profit organizations;
  • international non-governmental organizations rendering technical aid for control of HIV/AIDS and TB and other spheres of healthcare.

CCM members from the non-governmental sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan should account for at least 40 percent of the total number of CCM members.
Every representative from the governmental and non-governmental sector has its alternate. Alternates participate in CCM meetings when the principal recipient is absent. The procedure of alternates selection is determined by internal CCM rules and procedures.
CCM is headed by Chair. Minister of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan is the CCM Chair. The Chair has two Vice-Chairs. Chair and Vice-Chairs must represent different sectors and communities.
Chair and Vice-Chairs are elected during general CCM meetings by open voting and a simple majority of votes of participating members with quorum present (over 50 % of the total number of CCM members).
The procedure of (self) nomination for the positions of Chair and Vice-Chairs is determined by internal CCM rules and procedures.
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