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The Country Coordinating Mechanism (hereinafter - CCM) has appointed the United Nations Development Program as a funding recipient of the Global Fund to Fight Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria (hereinafter - Global Fund) grant in Kazakhstan for “Support to CCM” project. The Global Fund has been funding CCM activities since 2011. At present CMM is implementing the fifth stage of the project for 2020-2022 with UNDP assistance. 

The project is aimed at facilitating CCM to perform its core functions. Within the project it is planned to carry out number of oversight visits, CCM meetings with participation of the CCM members and its partners as well as trainings aimed at improving the role of the CCM and its functions.

Objectives of the project:
  • Provide administrative, logistical and communication support to CCM to conduct it business; 
  • Engage all constituencies in program governance, including civil society organizations and key affected populations through transparent CCM selection process;
  • Identify gaps and follow up actions to improve TB and HIV programs and its sustainability, including sustainability of coordinating mechanism;
  • Support CCM Oversight functions implementation:
  • Conduct the Country Dialogue on development of a new HIV funding request for 2021-2023.
Expected results:
  • New funding requests on HIV, TB and CCM are developed and submitted to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GFAMT);
  • Ensured equal participation of the representatives of the key populations (PLHIV, PWID, MSM, SW, ex-TB patients, women living with HIV), academic and private sector representatives in the CCM meetings;
  • Developed resolutions with recommendations of the CCM meetings;
  • CCM meeting ensures increased awareness of at least 30 decision makers of the OST and MSM program assessment results and their focus on increasing state funding for HIV/AIDS prevention programs (UBRAF/UNAIDS).
  • Ministries of Healthcare, Finance, National Economy, Internal Affairs, Defense, Education and Science, Information and Social Development;
  • Civil society and international organizations;
  • Local Fund Agents;
  • Kazakh Scientific Center of Dermatology and Infectious Diseases, National Scientific Center of  Phthisiopulmonology of MoH RK.

Ryssaldy Demeuova
Coordinator of the CCM Secretariat
Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty
303, Baizakov Street, Office 707