Country Coordinating Mechanism (СCM) was established in 2002 to coordinate activities at the level of the Government and GFATM and joint decision-making.

CCM includes representatives of the Government:

  • Ministry of Health;
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs;
  • Ministry of Defense;
  • Ministry of Justice;
  • Ministry of Education and Science;
  • Republican Center for Prevention and Control of AIDS (RC AIDS);
  • National Center for Tuberculosis Problems (NCTP);
  • representatives of non-governmental organizations, people who have had tuberculosis, people living with HIV, and donors.

According to its scope of duties CCM is entrusted to review, develop and present proposals for funds mobilization to fight AIDS and TB epidemic; control and monitoring of the implementation progress, and to recommend corrective measures, when needed. Minister of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan was appointed as CCM Chairman.

History of establishment of CCM in the Republic of Kazakhstan:

GovernmentMinistry of Health
  • Resolution №1037 of 20/09/02
  • Resolution №935 of 12/09/03
  • Resolution №922 of 1/09/04
  • Resolution №99 of 03/02/05
  • Decree №579 of 01/12/06 “On Establishment of the Working Group Working with GFAMT”
  • Decree №393 оf 28/05/10

CCM Secretariat


In 2009 a decision was made to establish CCM Secretariat with the purpose of supporting CCM in its activities by providing necessary administrative and secretarial support, communication services and financial and technical assistance. 
CCM Secretariat in Kazakhstan started working in May 2011.
CCM Secretariat is located in Almaty. Secretariat members are elected through a contest with observation of the transparency and openness principles by specialists with appropriate qualification working on the basis of the employment contracts.

Secretariat members include:

  • Coordinator;
  • Administrative and finance assistant.

Functions of Secretariat:
  • Is responsible for logistic and administrative support of activities of CCM and its committees and technical working groups, maintaining documentation of CCM, collection and distribution of information related to activities of the Global Fund, CCM and its committees, principal recipients and co-recipients, as well as other stakeholders involved in fighting HIV/AIDS and TB epidemic in the Republic of Kazakhstan; 
  • Is responsible for mailing invitations, notifications, minutes of the CCM meetings and other documentation;
  • Ensures notification of CCM members about announcements made of donor organizations on acceptance of national requests for funding events aimed at control of AIDS and/or TB;
  • Renders administrative and logistic support during development and submission of national requests for funding to the Global Fund;
  • Ensures transparency of CCM’s activities by publishing appropriate information on the CCM website; 
  • Ensures administrative and logistic support of activities of the Surveillance Committee and organizes necessary trips to perform surveillance over project implementation.

Functions of Coordinator for the CCM Secretariat
Functions of CCM Secretariat Assistant