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  • October, 2015

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  • December, 2014
The CCM meeting agenda included the following items:
1. Consideration and approval of the request for the use of the financial savings under a grant of Round 8 of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (hereinafter - the Global Fund)
1.1 Purchase of anti-TB drugs for the treatment of 2 100 patients with multidrug-resistant TB in the prison system;
1.2 Purchase of consumables for microbiology analyzers BAKTEK and HAIN, set in 22 bacteriological laboratories in the country;
1.3 The extension of the period of implementation of activities under the Round 8 of the Global Fund Grant in Kazakhstan from January 1 to June 30, 2015.
2. Consideration and approval of the Concept of the Regional Programme of the East - European and Central - Asian Association (hereinafter - ECUO) of people living with HIV within the new funding model of the Global Fund.
3. Miscellaneous

In order to familiarize the electronic copy of the materials of the meeting to all CCM members were sent the following documents:
1) Request for justification for  savings under the Round 8 of the Global Fund. The tables include information on the distribution of resources austerity needs for drugs and laboratory reagents, basic plan of activities for 6 months of 2015.
2) Letter of Vladimir Zhovtyak, the President ECUO and Viorel Soltan, Director of the Center for Policy and Research in Health Care (hereinafter - the Center PAS).
3) The presentation includes an overview of the Regional Project ECUO for 2015 - 2018 to provide the Global Fund funding under the NFM.
4) The presentation includes an overview of the Regional Project for the EECA countries to combat TB (REP EECA-TB) to strengthen health systems for effective TB and DR-TB.
5) Regional Project Concept ECUO application for submission to the Global Fund.
6) Regional Project Concept Application PAS Center, together with the WHO Regional Office for submission to the Global Fund
7) Information on management of conflicts of interest.
CCM members via e-mail participated and voted from the following cities: Astana - 4 people, Almaty - 10 people, Karaganda - 1 person, Shymkent - 3 people, Pavlodar - 1 person. There were no 5 of the 26 CCM members: Almaty and Karaganda for 1 person, Astana - 3 person (not reply to a message). Local Fund Agents - 2 persons.


  • 11
  • November, 2014

In the framework of the project "Support to the CCM for 2014-2015", funded by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, an expanded meeting of the CCM took place on 11 November, 2014 with technical support of GLDU UNDP. CCM members, partners from national and international organizations participated in the meeting. Venue: Astana, «Park Inn by Radisson» Hotel. The meeting was chaired by Goliusov A., Vice-Chair of the CCM, Director of the UNAIDS office in Kazakhstan. The CCM meeting was attended the Vice-Minister of Health and Social Development, Portfolio Manager of the Global Fund for Eastern Europe and Central Asia countries, representatives of the Ministry of National Economy, Education and Science, Defense and Internal Affairs, Directors of the National Center of TB problems, Republican scientific - practical Center of Medical and Social Problems of drug addiction, chief physicians of the regional AIDS centers, Narcological and TB Dispensaries, country representatives of international organizations - UNODC, USAID, WHO, CDC, KNCV, PSI. In the course of the meeting issues related to the implementation of programs for prevention of HIV and tuberculosis in Kazakhstan, funded by the Global Fund, plan for implementation of the Concept Note under the Global Fund grant within the New Funding Model for 2015-2017 years in Kazakhstan, sustainability of the coordination mechanism in response to the HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis in the Republic of Kazakhstan were discussed.

 Agenda of the meeting of the Country Coordinating Committee for Work with international organizations included the following issues:

 1. Key aspects of the HIV prevention program;

2. Key directions of development of the TB services of RK;

3. Ensuring the sustainability of the coordination mechanism;

4. Voting for the resolution of the CCM meeting.


List of participants;

Presentation - Balabayev T.;

Presentation - Davletgaliyeva T.;

Report on HIV-infected without citizenship of the RK;

Presentation - Abildayev T.

Presentation - Ismailov S.;

Presentation - Tatimov Y.;

Presentation - Sianozova M.

Presentation - Kulzhanov M.

Presentation - Goliusov A.

Draft Oversight plan

Draft CCM Regulations;

Draft Communications plan;

Draft Secretariat Operational Manual;


  • 11
  • July, 2014

At the meeting the results of the first mission of experts from GMS project, funded by USAID (hereinafter – GMS experts) have been discussed. A team of GMS experts consisting of 3 international consultants (David Otiashvili, Natalia Davydenko, Nata Avaliani) and 1 local consultant (Daria Temirbekova) worked in Kazakhstan from June 30 to July 11, 2014, under the new qualification criteria and the new funding model of Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (hereinafter - the Global Fund). GMS experts are planning two more visits to Kazakhstan by the end of this year.

Terms of reference of GMS experts included the technical assistance to the CCM to develop a plan for sustainability of programs funded by the Global Fund, as well as increasing the capacity of the CCM and its secretariat.

The agenda of the meeting of CCM members in Almaty,

Venue: R. Adamyan Conference Hall, the UN building

1. Preliminary results of the first mission of GMS experts in the Republic of Kazakhstan;

2 Discussion and drafting plan of two working groups, including national experts to:

     a) Develop a plan to ensure the sustainability of the Country Coordinating Mechanism (hereinafter - CCM);

     b) To update policies and internal rules of CCM



Presentation of GMS experts

The working group №1

The working group №2




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