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  • 04
  • March, 2016
The agenda of CCM meeting as of March 4,2016, included the following questions:
1. The signing of the annual conflict of interest declaration by CCM members (GF requirement #6); Completed declaration forms will be distributed to all CCM members, and CCM members from other cities will receive them by e-mail. 
2.2  Election of the CCM oversight committee;
2.3  Approval of the oversight committee members appointment mechanism and of the issue on the appointment / selection of the oversight committee chairman. 
2.4  Recommendations of the GMS project experts funded by USAID (for CCM) and unexecuted CCM resolutions.
2.5  Speaker - R. Demeuova, the CCM Secretariat Coordinator.
3. Information on collection of work plans with constituencies from every CMM member, approved by constituencies of every CCM member (Requirement #5). Speaker – N. Amanzholov, CCM Deputy Chairman. 
5. The sustainability of the “Harm reduction” program. Program funding in the regions using local budget resources. Consideration of the possibility of allocating the savings under the GFATM grant, with regard to the current needs of Regional AIDS centers. Speaker – T. Davletgalieva, National Coordinator on HIV/AIDS Component of the Global Fund grant.
5.1 National program “Densaulyk” for 2016-2020, implementation of activities on HIV prevention. Speaker – I. Petrenko, Deputy Director-General of the Republican Center on Prevention and Control of AIDS. 
6.  Proposed additional measures to improve the project implementation on migrants as part of the Global Fund grant in 2016. Speaker – B.Babamuradov, Global Fund Program Manager, Project “HOPE”.
7. Miscellaneous.


  • 28
  • January, 2016
The CCM E-meeting agenda included the following questions:
1. Consideration and approval of the Draft proposal of the NGO "AIDS Foundation East -West" on support of activities on HIV and TB at the municipal level of the Eastern Europe and Central Asia countries for Global Fund funding within the Global Fund New Funding Model;
2. Miscellaneous.
CCM members participated and voted via e-mail from the following cities: Astana - 2 people, Almaty - 13 people, Shymkent - 3 people. 9 out of 27 CCM members were absent: Almaty - 3 people, Astana - 6 people (no reply to the message). Quorum is present. 
Management of conflict of interest.  During the meeting one of the CCM members did not participate in the voting and decision making processes on question #1 due to the conflict of Interest:
1) A.Goliusov – Deputy CCM Chair, since the Draft proposal has being developed under support of UNAIDS. 
Signed conflict of interest declaration is attached to the minutes.  
The following documents were electronically circulated to all CCM members for their review:
It was proposed the voting via e-mail to be carried out in the following way: every CCM member should vote “For” or “Against” by replying to all CCM members (obligatory), pointing out the importance of the process transparency. 


  • 16
  • October, 2015

  • 05
  • March, 2015

  • 04
  • March, 2015

  • 11
  • December, 2014
The CCM meeting agenda included the following items:
1. Consideration and approval of the request for the use of the financial savings under a grant of Round 8 of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (hereinafter - the Global Fund)
1.1 Purchase of anti-TB drugs for the treatment of 2 100 patients with multidrug-resistant TB in the prison system;
1.2 Purchase of consumables for microbiology analyzers BAKTEK and HAIN, set in 22 bacteriological laboratories in the country;
1.3 The extension of the period of implementation of activities under the Round 8 of the Global Fund Grant in Kazakhstan from January 1 to June 30, 2015.
2. Consideration and approval of the Concept of the Regional Programme of the East - European and Central - Asian Association (hereinafter - ECUO) of people living with HIV within the new funding model of the Global Fund.
3. Miscellaneous

In order to familiarize the electronic copy of the materials of the meeting to all CCM members were sent the following documents:
1) Request for justification for  savings under the Round 8 of the Global Fund. The tables include information on the distribution of resources austerity needs for drugs and laboratory reagents, basic plan of activities for 6 months of 2015.
2) Letter of Vladimir Zhovtyak, the President ECUO and Viorel Soltan, Director of the Center for Policy and Research in Health Care (hereinafter - the Center PAS).
3) The presentation includes an overview of the Regional Project ECUO for 2015 - 2018 to provide the Global Fund funding under the NFM.
4) The presentation includes an overview of the Regional Project for the EECA countries to combat TB (REP EECA-TB) to strengthen health systems for effective TB and DR-TB.
5) Regional Project Concept ECUO application for submission to the Global Fund.
6) Regional Project Concept Application PAS Center, together with the WHO Regional Office for submission to the Global Fund
7) Information on management of conflicts of interest.
CCM members via e-mail participated and voted from the following cities: Astana - 4 people, Almaty - 10 people, Karaganda - 1 person, Shymkent - 3 people, Pavlodar - 1 person. There were no 5 of the 26 CCM members: Almaty and Karaganda for 1 person, Astana - 3 person (not reply to a message). Local Fund Agents - 2 persons.




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